Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all. - Harriet Van Horne

Head chef and owner

Leela Anna Brett has more than 20 years experience working at some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the world.

She has lived in America, Mexico, India, UK and Australia and travelled extensively. Each country she has lived in and each job has taught her lessons that make her approach what it is - extremely hands on, perfectionist and passionate.

Leela has worked at The Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, The Four Seasons in Sydney, The Herb Farm in Washington, Hugos in Bondi Beach and Kings Cross and Fins in Byron Bay.

Your Gourmet Catering has been providing stunning food and flawless service in the Byron Bay and Gold Coast area for 15 years. Over those years we have built a reputation for being friendly, attentive and very good at what we do – cooking and serving food that makes people happy.

The food and service is often the biggest expense our clients will have when planning their wedding and they want it to be perfect. We take that to heart and pull out all the stops to make sure every event big or small is magical.

Your Gourmet is an ethical business that supports the best local businesses, does not use palm oil products and treats our staff with care and respect.

Our philosophy

Your Gourmet Catering is committed to catering only one event per week so that every client has our full attention and devotion when they need it most.

Head chef and owner Leela is at every event personally, and is in the kitchen overseeing every stage of the preparations in the days leading up to each event. Taking on only one event per week and limiting the number of events we cater means that every single wedding or event gets our “A” team.

Cooking for weddings and events is more than just a job to us and catering one event per week means we get it perfect every single time, essential when our business is being there for people on the most important day of their lives.