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The Classic Caesar Salad

caesar ingredients

This salad is one of the reasons I became a chef. My dad has been making it for me for as long as I can remember, literally!  It is not a gluggy dressing but a sharp, tangy, fresh salad that is a meal on its own.

Whenever my dad comes to visit, I ask him to make his Caesar for me. Occasionally I make it myself and it reminds me of my dad, family, strong flavors and the simple good things in life. Feel free to adapt the recipe to suit you  (I put even more garlic in mine!), but I recommend making it as written at least once, as many ingredients like the anchovies and Worcestershire sauce don’t taste the way you think they will once they become part of this powerful dressing.

My dad and I make this salad with raw pastured eggs.  If raw egg scares you, you can make this recipe with coddled egg.

caesar salad

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